Adam’s Hair Loss Treatment Journey



I was not a big fan of losing my hair. Ah every man in my family, on both sides of the family, ah went bald at a very young age in their, you know, 20s. And the… the fact that I still had any hair, originally, I just felt kind of grateful for that. But as it’s been thinning out ah in the last couple of years, I was definitely starting to get a little more depressed about it and a little more upset by it because I was saying, “Hey, you know, I’m not ready. I’m not ready to lose my hair yet.”

One of my uncles years ago had hair plugs ah I guess from the back of his head moved upfront. And I mean this was 20 years ago so the… that technology I’m sure was in its infancy as well, but they look terrible. So, I always had that in my mind that that was the only other real option to have this kind of, you know, farm row look on the front of my head if I was gonna go with that kind of route. And I just… I didn’t wanna do that. I didn’t wanna be a comb-over guy. I just kept looking at myself in the mirror every morning and saying, you know, “Okay, maybe I can move this piece over a little bit. Maybe I can slide this one a little.” So, just spread them out a little, fluff them up a little. Try and… try and cover something and it just, you know, it wasn’t working. So, I knew I had to do something.

The Theradome was very easy to use. Ah you charge it up, you put it on your head and then you go about your life for the next 20 minutes. Uhm I’ve worn it doing the dishes. I’ve worn it doing the laundry. I’ve worn it sitting at my office chair ah, you know, surfing the internet, watching TV at night, in bed, brushing my teeth, you know. It… it fits in pretty much anywhere. And once you get used to having it on your head, which takes you know 2 or 3 uses or so, then it’s like it’s not even there.

It is slowly moving its way forward getting thicker and thicker as it goes. But in the mornings when I get ready now, ah I don’t have to do as much work trying to spread things out. And I just kind of, you know, I take my shower. I get out. I dry it off. I push it in the direction it wants to go, lay it flat, and then it just looks better. It… it’s thicker, it’s fuller, and ah I don’t have to do as much worrying about it.

My five-year-old so, Nel, he loves to run his head his hand… his hands through my hair when I’m talking to him at night. And ah he used to just kind of like say, “Oh daddy! Your beard is scratchy. Don’t… don’t get close to me with your face” when I’m talking to him. But now, he wants me… my head there so he can kind of like run his hands up through everything.