Donald’s Experience with Theradome Hair Growth Laser Therapy!



I started noticing that when I looked at the photos that my hair was out of proportion to what it should be in some of these photos. And I got really concerned about it, and I started doing research on what I needed to do in order to uh try to either correct the problem or make it better.

I started talking to hair clubs and all of those different kind of consultants trying to find out ah what it would cost in order to uh get my hair back. I wanted to find anything possible to make sure that my hair would continue to grow, and I thought I could.

Like every other person, I started trying all kinds of products. I tried products off the shelf. I tried reading uhm ah journals to see what I can do, and then I came across the Theradome.

I’ll tell you, I feel like I should have did this a long time ago. I should have did it when I realized that there were some genetic issues in

my background that would allow my hair to ah come out. And I want to tell you, it’s the best thing that I’ve ever… that I’ve ever experienced and it’s nice to see a product work.

It was a joke when I first got it, but I look at it like being a bicycle helmet. And ah, you know it. And to me, there’s no real difference, the…

the quality of it, the way it feels. You don’t even notice it. I can do whatever I need to do in the morning, and when I’m preparing to get ready for work.

I wanted something natural, and Theradome provided me that opportunity to be able to get my hair back as thick as it used to be, and I am excited about it.