Mike’s Amazing Hair Transformation! | Hair Loss Treatment | Theradome Review


URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_eq3PfUWQs&feature=youtu.be

I noticed uhm in my late 20s that there was a little bit of loss. Uhm of course, in my 30s and 40s, just gradually I noticed some I guess maybe small little patches and whatnot.

Some friends of mine would joke around saying that I should, you know, just get the razor and just bit my head and just call it a day. You know, these guys have full heads of hair so you can’t really say anything back to them. But uhm I… I guess I would take it a little bit personal.

I tried Rogaine back… I mean ah it was years ago. And I would… I would just put, you know, just squirt this stuff in my hair for I… I don’t know how long I used it but uhm I was very skeptical of that as well. And I didn’t see any change, so I… I figured I was wasting my money.

From day one when I took Theradome home, I tried it for the first time. I put the helmet on. I tried it twice a week, 20 minutes each uhm session. And I stuck with it for the 120 days. And I just kept putting it on, just having confidence that it will work.

It’s pretty impressive from the short time that I’ve been using the product. It’s very impressive. In fact, the uh… the girl that cuts my hair noticed some sprouts in the back and she said it was a lot fuller ah up front that she noticed. So, that was, you know, it’s… that’s proof right there that this product works.

I mean I see significant growth 120 days in. When it’s 240 days in, I don’t… I don’t know what to expect. I’m very excited to see what is going to be there because it’s… it’s a product that works. Theradome has changed my life, and it will change yours.