Theradome Review | User Lorenzo



Initially, the way I felt when I realized I was losing my hair is “What? How was this possible?” I… I didn’t think I would ever lose my hair. I just, you know, you think father time has just knocked on your door. You know, I thought of my age right away. And then I was thinking, “Did I ever think I was going to be losing my hair?”

I didn’t want to look in the mirror anymore before. I avoided the mirror. To brush my teeth, I would just do my thing, gargle, blah blah blah. I’d look for one second, and just put the hat on. I didn’t wanna own up to it. I didn’t want to face what was happening to me.

I heard about Theradome. And the thing about Theradome, it’s the technology that I truly believe in. It just made sense to me. It clicked with me. I was hesitant, excited, nervous but still kind of on the fence about “Is it gonna really work for me or not?”

After my first session, I said “Harmless, easy-peasy and when’s my next one?” I started seeing results probably the… boy, I’d say into the second month. Results as in seeing results. As in looking in your mirror and saying, “Hey, wait a minute. There’s a little bit of thickness there.” And my hair is a little less brittle.

It has built my confidence where I was almost ashamed I was balding. Now, it’s almost like it was a “Hey, your hair’s coming back. Just kind of own it and show it off.” Theradome works. This process works. This therapy works. It’s been a wonderful friend for me, Theradome. Ah it’s helped me tremendously.