Sherry, Theradome user post pregnancy



After my pregnancy, I understood that there was gonna be some hair loss. So, I said, “Okay, I accepted that. You know, that’s just normal part of, you know, having a baby.” But I noticed that within a year or two afterwards, I’ve noticed that my hair started falling out.

Besides just kind of being a little sad and just shocked that I was losing hair, it was almost like, you know, “Okay, what, what was wrong?” I  was trying to find out like, what was the root of the problem. So, it caused me a little bit of an anxiety because I was just trying to trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

It made me more closer to my number age than what I really felt inside.

I use the Theradome every day. Sometimes, I use it twice a day. I like to do it first thing in the morning when I get up. And uhm sometimes, I put it on at night as well. And just before I go to bed, once I’m done with everything, put it on. That’s my relax time and I just put on my head, uhm do my nighttime routine and then I’m done.

Theradome has changed my hair drastically. I’ve noticed that I’ve got more hair. It feels thicker. Uhm and I’ve noticed that I’ve got a lot more uhm new hair growth, which is exactly what I wanted. Because I felt like my hair was falling out and it was just not getting replenished. It just was falling out and getting kind of sparse. And I’ve noticed that I’ve got lot of new hair growth popping up here and there, and that was just really super exciting. I love it. I… I know then that it’s working.

My friends and family have noticed that… that I do have more hair and my hair looks thicker and healthier, and it looks great.