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Now, we’ve been ah teasing throughout the show that there’s a helmet with lasers inside that promise to help bald people grow their hair. Well, guess what. The creator’s here with us, former NASA scientist, Tamim Hamid is with us. Ah congratulations. I mean, well, you got a lot of hair. I mean you were working at NASA. What made you… how did you decide “You know what, I want to cure baldness”?

Dr. Tamim Hamid: That’s right. It’s been known since 1965 that lasers ah do grow hair, but it hasn’t been really brought to the household.

And taking a hundred-thousand-dollar device that usually is a big device and make it into a portable device has been the biggest challenge.

Male Anchor: So that… so, in other words, you’re saying that the… this… it was common knowledge I guess among scientists that it was possible to do this?

Dr. Tamim Hamid: Yes, exactly. Dr. Endre Mester back in 1965 discovered this by accident. And uhm so, it… everybody sat on it for a long time until just recently.

Male Anchor: So, what’s the deal? I mean, does it get a few, you know, follicles to come up or does… is this real, legitimate, true hair growth?

Dr. Tamim Hamid: It… it is. It’s actually uhm it’s FDA-cleared. And when you get an FDA clearance, you get both ah safety and efficacy that it… it means that it works. So, uhm it… it does three things. It stops your hair loss, so it’s… Most people lose about 80 to 100 hairs a day. You… you reduce that down substantially. And then second, it volumizes the hair, makes the hair thicker because the head’s got more nutrients.

Male Anchor: Are these all though… I mean, you’re using different terms, but I haven’t heard you say it makes the hair grow back. Dr. Tamim Hamid: That’s right. And… and third of all, it makes the hair grow back. The last thing… Hair takes about four months to grow.

Just like, it takes a baby nine months ge… gestation. Ah it takes hair four months to six months depending on if you have

any underlying diseases.

Male Anchor: I… I mean I can’t believe that this technology has been out there. All I’ve seen in… in my whole life are commercials for hair clubs,

Dr. Tamim Hamid: Yeah.

Male Anchor: …commercials for magic pills, all kinds. Eat the right things. Dr. Tamim Hamid: Yeah.

Male Anchor: Do the right stuff. I mean this is absolutely amazing. Talk about the commercial success. I mean I know it’s relatively new.

Dr. Tamim Hamid: Yeah.

Male Anchor: Do you have retail partners in this thing?

Dr. Tamim Hamid: Absolutely. We started out actually a year ago with uhm an… a crowdsourcing campaign. We, in our first month, we had about a half a million dollars. In 30 days, we did half a million dollars. Then, uhm we started getting partners like Bosley Medical, the top clinics. We got the first. Really, the nation’s top hair restoration management companies like uhm Hair Club for Men and…

Male Anchor: How much… how much? Dr. Tamim Hamid: This is $895, so…

Male Anchor: I buy it. I’d take it home for $895, and I’ll use it, and where, how long? Is it… do I always have to use it? Dr. Tamim Hamid: It’s… so, it’s twice a week.

Male Anchor: Twice a week.

Dr. Tamim Hamid: And it… it’s just like exercise. It the beginning, you do a lot just to get to where you’re at. Then, after you know… after six to nine months then you can pare it down to…

Male Anchor: All right. After I’ve got the afro. Dr. Tamim Hamid: Yeah, you do well. You do well. Male Anchor:                                 Thanks a lot, and congratulations. Dr. Tamim Hamid: Thank you, Sir.

Male Anchor: It’s a really cool device. Dr. Tamim Hamid: I appreciate it.